The odors of the Kevidinka, Chasle, Slankamneka and Portugiser wine sorts have left an unforgettable
Baranji Karolja 17 21235 Temerin Serbia

Vinska Kuca

It has a tradition of grape growing and wine production for more than 100 years, and is located in a
Đoke Šundukovića 85 22406 Irig Serbia

Winery Spasic

Primal-related progenitress country, have always been aware of the religion, law, order, and work an
Tržac 37320 Aleksandrovac Serbia

Winery Milosavljevic

Three decades ago Milomir Milosavljevic left his native village Bučje, pretty village on the right b
Village Bučje 37243 Počekovina Serbia

Vinarija Zvonko Bogdan

"When the sky would not like wine, would it harbored solar heat?" Old wisdom. Judging by her, the sk
47 Kanjiški put Palić Serbia

Vinski Dvor

Winski Dvor is a family company which dates back to 1856. and it was founded by Mrs. Sara Fodor. Acc
Horgoški put 221. 24414 Subotica Serbia
+381 24 4758400

Vinom Lodi

Feketić was founded by Kuns in the year 1785. The village lies in the heart of Bácska. Its placed in
Njegoševa 36 24323 Feketić Serbia

Winery Monastery Bukovo

The tradition of grape growing and wine production Negotinska Frontier is inextricably linked to the
Monastery Bukovo, RS, 19300, Bukovski Put бб, Negotin, Serbia 19300 Negotin Serbia
+381 64 809 42 96

Winery Maurer

Taste wine wineries Maurer defines terroir - flavors and fragrances of flowers and herbs that grow i
Sarajevo 16 Hajdukovo Serbia

Pusula Vinarija i Vinogradi

The Astra itb. Company was founded in the beginning of 1990s in Belgrade. After a decade and a half
Milutina Milankovića 25b 11070 Novi Beograd Serbia

Winery Temet

The spa on the beautiful slopes which provide ideal sun exposure, wineries Temet formed under the st
10/3 Čika Ljubina str. 11000 Belgrade Serbia

Serbian House of Wine Shop 2

Anti-Fascist struggle 15 Novi Beograd Serbia
011/213 74 74 and 74 75 069/213

Cellar Braća Rajković

Written data on the wine tradition of family Rajković date back to 1834 in the first census in Serbi
37235 Gornje Zleginje Aleksandrovac Župa Serbia

Compania de Vinos

There have always been people giving the wine a special place for many it is an expression of the jo
Kalenićeva 3 11 000 Belgrade Serbia

Wine tourism academy

Presented by a team of experts in this field that his knowledge and experience combine in projects t
Ljubise Miodragovica 43 11060 Belgrade Serbia


Years of experience Nikole Cuculj in wine production and Milojka Vilotic in the business world, has
Novosadska 1 26300 Vršac Serbia

Serbian House of Wine

Here you can find books and magazines dedicated to wine and everything about wine tourism in Serbia
Braničevska 1 Serbia


In the slopes of the Vrsac mountains in the village of Gudurica 15 km from Vrsac (100 km from Belgra
Otona Župančića 73 26335 Gudurica Serbia
(+381) 64 00 88 539

Winery Radovanović

On sunny slopes of Šumadija, in a place called Krnjevo, from preserved grandfathers wineyard, in 199
Dositejeva 10 11319 Krnjevo Serbia

Vinarija Temet

Lozovik bb, 35000 Jagodina Serbia

Winery Budimir

On the old, požuteloj map (correspondents) by Dragomir grandfather, in 1942. Was sent from the camps
Borjanska 23 37230 Aleksandrovac Serbia

Rubin Krusevac

Soon after establishing, Rubin was moved to a new cellar on the fringe of Krusevac City with capacit
Nade Marković 57 37000 Kruševac Serbia


Wine house "MILJKOVIĆ" from the village Rataje the parish has a tradition of producing premium wines

Rajačke pivnice

The simplest and the most preferable way to get to Rajac and The Rajac wine cellars is by the road f
Vila „Milenović“, Jna, Rajac 19314, Serbia Rajac Serbia
1.381 64 3981604