<p>Written data on the wine tradition of family Rajković date back to 1834 in the first census in Serbia but, according to the family tales, the tradition is a whole century longer. Family Rajković is the carrier of one of the oldest wine awards in Serbia. Our ancestor, Miloš Rajković, was awarded Laudative of king Aleksandar Karadjordjević I in 1933 for his wine made from the autochthonous Župa sort Rskavac used in the making of widely known wine Prince. With 10 hectares of vineyards, both autochtonous (rskavac, white and red muskat (tamjanika) and international (cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc) we also take pride in our Pinot Noir plantation, the oldest one in Serbia, planted by Vladimir Rajković on his return from his viniculture studies in 1962. Today, grapes from this plantation are used in the making of wine Dina bearing the nickname of the man who brought this sort to Župa - Vladimir Rajković. Using contemporary achievements in enology, by combining the autochtonous sorts and modern approaches, wine Opium was created. Grapes of the forefathers, knowledge of the sons. Serbian wine thrilogy. Since 2010. The Brothers Rajković Winery was named as official purveyor of the Serbian Royal house Karadjordjević.</p>
<p>New achievements in enology can best be seen in the wine line called ‘Sofia’. Sofia tamjanika made from Serbian muscat grape tamjanika, and Sofia Rose made from Pinot Noir, purposefully planted combinations of 4 clones and Sofia Cuvee made from Merlot, C. Sauvignon and C. franc represent modern strivings of vintners from Župa in the world of dynamic and always new enology.</p>
<p>Wine is always the best where it is made. Therefore our wine house has made an effort to make a cosy corner for all travelers and wine lovers who come to Župa. A modern wine tasting hall can accommodate 40 visitors at a time. Visits are possible every day with previous arrangements. The wine cellar is easy to find since our wine house is located on ‘Župa Wine Road’ and there are road signs leading you all the way from Kruševac to the wine cellar.</p>
<p>The combination of tradition, love and dedication makes wines with highest awards at all relevant fairs.</p>

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  • 37235 Gornje Zleginje Aleksandrovac Župa Serbia
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Business Info
  • 37235 Gornje Zleginje Aleksandrovac Župa Serbia
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