Presented by a team of experts in this field that his knowledge and experience combine in projects that aim to: training of actors in wine tourism, assistance in preparing the accompanying acts in the country organized wine routes, harmonization of standards with countries that have developed this branch of tourism and respond to all issues that are related to wine tourism.

This is the first academy of its type in the territory of the Balkans, thus not limited only to the territory of Serbia, but its activities are directed towards all the countries in the region.

Wine tourism in the territory of the Balkans dates from the beginning of the cultivation of the vine in this region, even from that time wine tourism had a considerable share in the offer that the region offers the visitor.

Academy of wine tourism has the task to highlight the culture of enjoying wine, which now upgrading, develop and create new trends and new values. The term academy means an institution that is dedicated to advanced learning and dissemination of knowledge.

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  • Ljubise Miodragovica 43 11060 Belgrade Serbia
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Business Info
  • Ljubise Miodragovica 43 11060 Belgrade Serbia
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