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<p>The name Tanjuli comes from the combining of the names of our two children, Taj and Anjuli.</p>
<p>Many people thought that after 32 years in the wine industry Tom Campbell would be looking at<br />
retiring. No way! Tom loves the grapes that come from the Rattlesnake Hills, an area he was<br />
introduced to in 1981 by U C Davis classmate Stan Clarke. Stan had Tom take care of setting up<br />
the white wine production for Quail Run Winery in Zillah in 1982. In 1984 Tom and Hema settled <br />
into the Rattlesnake Hills to start Horizon's Edge Winery eventually selling it to the Padgetts in 1999. <br />
But they could not stay away, so they decided to plant a seven acre vineyard for the production of <br />
unique estate wines. So far the vineyard consists of Pommard clone Pinot Noir, Lampia clone Nebbiolo,<br />
Carmenere, Mourvedre, Viognier, Picpoul Blanc and Orange Muscat.<br />
The vineyard is under the care and supervision of Roger Althoff, an original Tanjuli<br />
family member. We look forward to the wines from these grapes.</p>
<p>Tom decided to kick-start the winery with Malbec, Petit Verdot, Viognier, and Orange Muscat wines<br />
he produced from neighboring Rattlesnake Hills vineyards. We will continue to focus on producing<br />
great wines from great Rattlesnake Hills grapes. Come see our new winery built into the hill of our<br />
vineyard site and taste the magic of Tanjuli Winery where a splendid time is guaranteed for all.</p>

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  • 209 N Bonair Rd 98953 WA United States
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  • Winemaker :
    Tom Campbell
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    Tanjuli Inc
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