<p>The production is focused on the most important piedmontese grapes and appellations: Moscato d'Asti docg, Gavi docg, Timorasso doc, Grignolino d'Asti doc, Monferrato Bianco and Rosso doc, and mainly on <strong>BARBERA D'ASTI</strong> docg, the largest cultivated grape-variety in Piemonte.</p>
<p>The Family was one of the first which replanted the Barbera vines in the "twenties" (1920's), destroyed previously by the dramatic "phyloxera" disease attacks, which killed all the vines growth in Europe between the end of 1800 and beginning of 1900.</p>
<p>Still from the same original vines the Barbera <strong>VIGNASSA</strong> is produced since 1989, when we started to process separately the grapes, in order to achieve a superior and extraordinary quality, and show the real potential of the Barbera variety.</p>
<p>Since the first vintages the <strong>VIGNASSA</strong> has been acknowledged as a premium Barbera not only by Italian and International Awards but by the major specialized magazines and wine-guides. Nowaday <strong>CASCINA LA GHERSA</strong> is a "Boutique winery", still totally family runned: 22 Hectares of vineyards for a limited production of 180.000 bottles per year, distributed in 20 countries around the world, further to Italy.</p>
<p>Our 100% Estate grown and bottled wines are totally based and focused on the distinctive and unique "Terroir" of Piemonte and its indigenous grape-varieties.</p>

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  • Via Chiarina 2 Moasca , AT - Piedmont 14050 14050 Moasca AT Italy
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  • Winemaker :
    Massimo Pastura, Luca Caramellino
  • Owners :
    Massimo Pastura and Family
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Business Info
  • Via Chiarina 2 Moasca , AT - Piedmont 14050 14050 Moasca AT Italy
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