Wyldewood Cellars began in Dec. 1994, by the brother and sister team of John and Merry Brewer. The original site of the Kansas Elderberry winery was in a turn-of-the-century building in the middle of Mulvane, Kansas. The original Elderberry wine list consisted of four sweetness levels of Elderberry Wine; Sweet, Semi-Sweet, Semi-Dry, and Dry. Over time they added Elderberry Dry Reserve Wine, Spiced Elderberry Wine, Blackberry Wine, Elderberry-Blackberry Wine, Sand Plum Wine, and Apple Wine.
On the night of January 28, 1999, a tragic fire broke out next to the winery that ultimately destroyed the winery and three other businesses. Everything was burned to the ground.Starting all over in November of 1999, Wyldewood Cellars opened their current location near Mulvane, just off the Kansas Turnpike Exit 33. The whole family gathered for Thanksgiving, pitching in to put in the flooring, paint the walls, set up displays, and stock shelves. The new building was finished and ready to open for business the day after.
Wyldewood Cellars now produces over 40 different types of Kansas wine. What began as a small Kansas Elderberry winery, has blossomed into an internationally recognized and awarded winery. Since their beginning, they have won over 400 international awards for their Elderberry Wines, Grape Wines, as well as their other Kansas wines. As Wyldewood Cellars climbed the ladder of recognition, John Brewer was asked to become a judge at International Wine Competitions. For many years he was the only international wine judge from the area. Wyldewood Cellar's Spiced Elderberry Wine was featured and served at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Utah, and was awarded the Best Non-Grape Wine in North and Latin America, among many other Gold Medals.
As a family owned and operated business, Wyldewood Cellars is very proud of their accomplishments. With every bottle of Kansas wine produced, they hope the pride that they take in creating their wine shines through to you, their most valued customers.

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  • E 951 119th St Peck, KS 67120 United States
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  • Winemaker :
    Shawn Ramos
  • Owners :
    John Brewer, Merry Brewer
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Business Info
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