<p>The Wine Barn is a family owned business operating since 2009. The Wine Barn is nestled on 16 acres of land. The location is quite beautiful. Located just minutes from the ever growing Legends District of shopping and dining, and minutes from I-435 and I-70 makes it easily accessible. The Wine Barn itself sets just next to the vineyard and overlooks the pond. Although minutes from just about anything, once you turn onto our grounds, you are worlds away.<br />
It is our goal to make wine the traditional way with help from current technology. Our wide variety of estate produced wines allows our winery to showcase wines that are satisfying to both the novice and the experienced wine drinker.<br />
The initial intent of the Wine Barn was to grow grapes for sale and enter into winemaking as a hobby.<br />
Demands by friends to sell our wines as well as success in local competitions, inspired our quest to develop a winery. We opened our doors for business in May 2009. At that time the Hiatt’s and the Coco’s were partners in the business. Since then, the Hiatt family has acquired ownership. Their daughter and son-in-law, Celeste and Brian Mikijanis, are now partners in the business.<br />
Mr. Hiatt has been making wine for over a decade. Hobby wine making was previously performed in the cellar of the personal residence for over a dozen years with a number of friends participating in the production of wine for their own use. Brian, now taking over the title of winemaker, devotes his time to developing wines that will set us apart and can be appreciated by all.<br />
The actual Wine Barn building was completed in 2007 and all equipment was moved to the facility in the summer of 2007. The facility has been developed to provide a winery and tasting room. Our first vintage in 2008 produced over 500 gallons of Kansas grown grapes and fruit wine along with vinifera and French hybrid grapes.<br />
HOTT SCIATT Vineyard was started in 2006 and boasts of 10 different varieties to include French Hybrid vinifera and American Native grapes. The largest planting is of Norton and Chambourcin grapes. We have also introduced Zweigelt, an Australian vinifera grape to the area. This vineyard now extends to over 7 acres.<br />
Our Kansas grape wines are augmented by fruit wines also from the State of Kansas. Our signature apple pear blend has been received well in competitions and wine tasting for many years. Other wines such as blackberry, raspberry and other fruit wines are also produced, along with local favorites, such as Racing Adventure, named after the Nascar Speedway, and Legendary Rose’ which gives homage to the Legends Shopping district which is just minutes away.<br />
We enjoy each and every person we meet and enjoy sharing our story. Stop in to say hello and try some of our family wines!</p>

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  • 2850 N. 119th Street 66109 KS United States
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Business Info
  • 2850 N. 119th Street 66109 KS United States
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