White Tail Run Winery, LLC was started in 2006 by Dan Fuller with the help of his wife Nancy, son Dusty, daughter-in-law Jennifer and daughter Christy. Dan had just retired and decided to grow grapes to keep him busy in his retirement. After growing grapes for a couple of years Dan decided to try his hand at winemaking. The first wine he made was from the Seyval grape. He entered the wine into a competition for amateurs and won a bronze. After the success of that first wine competition he started to make plans with his family to start the winery and vineyard full time. We now have 4 acres of vines with 4 different varieties of grapes.

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  • 2327 N. 400Rd Edgerton, KS 66021 United States
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    Dan Fuller
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Business Info
  • 2327 N. 400Rd Edgerton, KS 66021 United States
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