<p>Perennial Vintners is a family run business; it's all Mike. "I love to spend time with my customers, showing you around my operation is the best part of the job!"</p>
<p>The tasting room is quite modest, namely the winery itself. You'll be standing among tanks and bottling equipment, pumps and lab equipment -- you'll see what it's really like to be a winery.</p>
<p>Our vineyard was established on Bainbridge Island in 2004. In December 2003, we purchased a 3.6 acre property that has a wonderful south-facing slope, with a small cleared area and a few hundred small Noble Fir trees in mediocre condition. The previous owners had sold Christmas trees from the property for about 15 years as the Page/Almouela farm.</p>
<p>They have a rose plant at the end of each grapevine row for many reasons (do ask next time you're at the vineyard)... </p>
<p>Perennial Vintners is a tiny family run estate winery on Bainbridge Island, Washington state, USA. Just across Puget Sound from Seattle, PV is the closest commercial vineyard to downtown Seattle restaurants, just 7 miles for the <em>local</em> restaurant afficienado. Being in a cool maritime climate, PV specializes in highly aromatic delicate wines with the bracing acidity that makes for ideal food wines. Newer releases include berry port-style dessert wines, and more familiar dry white and red table wines from warmer climate eastern Washington.</p>
<p>Perennial opened as a commercial winery in 2006. With vineyards planted in 2004, and lease agreements with nearby vineyards, Perennial also has "old vine" products, with some of WA States older vines, planted in the early 1980's. (Doesn't sound like much, but for WA state, 30 years is old!) The target demographic is the "locavore" community; PV is extremely proud of it's estate wines made with Puget Sound AVA fruit, consistently emphasizing Seattle area local product matches in food pairings.</p>

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  • 8840 NE Lovgreen Rd Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 United States
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  • Winemaker :
    Mike Lempriere
  • Owners :
    Mike Lempriere
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Business Info
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