About the Vineyard

The first plantings at Mudbrick were in 1992 by Nick and Robyn Jones, who still own and operate the property today. At Mudbrick, hand-picked fruit is nurtured from vine to bottle. Our wines are carefully selected from classic French varieties that particularly suit the Waiheke climate and terroir. Hand picking, hand plunging and gentle basket pressing reflect in the character of our wines. We are a boutique producer and concentrate on ripening our fruit to perfection.

About the Restaurant

Mudbrick exudes a special type of ambience. Situated on Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf, Mudbrick is renowned for its breathtaking location. By day the sea and vineyard views are magnificent. By night the stunning sunsets and sparkling city lights are unrivalled – a difficult choice to make between lunch and dinner dining.
The restaurant takes its name from the materials of its construction, hand-hewn mud bricks. Following traditional lines it bears a timeless quality.
We work closely with the season and have developed potager gardens to provide our own choice of heirloom produces and unusual ingredients, picked fresh each morning. We enjoy using new and unusual products that are then presented with care and attention on your plate.
Mudbrick has many different areas to dine, including a more casual alfresco area on our terrace and at night star gazing is a common pastime here.

Celebrations and Weddings

At Mudbrick we have hosted many successful events, including weddings, product launches, corporate parties and birthday parties. We assure a seamless, beautiful and memorable celebration that will leave you and your guests supremely satisfied.
For larger groups the main restaurant provides a warm ambience with a stunning view in which to celebrate your occasion, accompanied by Mudbricks award winning cuisine.
For smaller groups, our Potager Bistro is an ideal spot for an intimate function. So named because it is situated amongst the potager gardens, it also utilizes fresh produce picked from potager to plate.

Business Info
  • 126 Church Bay Road Waiheke Island Auckland 1081 New Zealand
Winey Features
Varietals & regions
Winemaker & Owners
  • Winemaker :
    Patrick Newton
  • Owners :
    Robyn Jones, Nick Jones
  • Established Date :
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