Grant and Eddie have combined their skills to produce intense, elegant, terroir wines that eloquently speak volumes of the potentials hidden within the rough soils of Yuba county. Find out for yourself and order some wine today!

Grant’s background as vineyard manager matches well with Eddie’s experienced palate for blending. Together they create fine wines of great character in a delicious array of both white and red.

The wines express power, elegance, and finesse carrying a true stamp of the North Yuba terroir. This is accomplished through diligent attention to mother nature combined with classic vinification techniques, modern innovations, and the special character of our high elevation terroir.

We offer 35 years of experience growing grapes in North Yuba and turning them into wine. We know the vines, the seasons, and the right time to pick to insure maximum flavor, sugar and acidity. We know how to turn well grown grapes into wine and then expertly blend those barrels into blends that insure consistent flavour and quality in our lineup. Our reds go great with steak or barbecue, a selection of cheeses, roasted meats or simply on their own. Our crisp whites match up well with fresh fish and a variety of chicken dishes.

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  • 12585 Rices Crossing Road Oregon House, CA 95962 United States
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  • Owners :
    Grant Ramey, Edward Schulten
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Business Info
  • 12585 Rices Crossing Road Oregon House, CA 95962 United States
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