<p>Our goal as Vineyard owners has been, and always will be, to produce the best possible product to make exceptional wine in Kansas. We pride ourselves in the encouragement of natural insects and predators and not having to depend upon chemicals that can upset the fragile balance. We have carried over this practice from the vines to our wine. </p>
<p> In May of 2014 we opened our own Kansas Winery near Lake Perry, just outside of Ozawkie. After touring many other wineries in several states we knew what we liked and disliked and strove to create a winery that would be a destination experience. We hope you will enjoy yourselves when you visit us!´╗┐</p>

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  • 7397 K-92 Hwy 66070 KS United States
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  • Owners :
    Lori Henderson´╗┐, Kevin Henderson
  • Established Date :
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