BOE works to bridge the creative culinary, agricultural and art worlds by crafting award-winning regional wines from NY State grapes, and by displaying the work of New York City artists on our bottle labels.

The aim of Brooklyn Oenology is to celebrate our local creativity – agricultural, culinary and visual, just as Brooklyn and the rest of our state has been doing for hundreds of years! With over 300 wineries, 5 distinct growing regions, and the #3 largest grape growing state in the United States, not to mention the most vibrant food and art scene in the country, we feel there is a lot to be proud of in the New York wine industry!

BOE does not own vineyards; we purchase our fruit directly from New York vineyards, and then manage our winemaking, from harvest through press to fermentation, tank and/or barrel storage, and then into the bottle. As we grow we plan to bring more of our process into Brooklyn itself. Currently we are fermenting at Premium Wine group, an excellent facility in Mattituck on the North Fork of Long Island. BOE is self-distributed, and also works with regional distributors in the Mid-Atlantic region (Siema Wine Parnters).

In November 2010 BOE opened our Tasting Room at Wythe Avenue and North 3rd Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here we serve the full line of BOE wines, as well as many other New York State products, including Whiskies, Ciders, Wines, Beers and a full variety of other culinary treats! At the Tasting Room you can sip glasses of wine with friends, taste thorough flights of different wines, or purchase bottles to take home.

BOE’s presentation is meant to evoke everything that we are. Like Brooklyn itself, we’re: Fresh, Urbane, Creative, Authentic, Substantial, Engaged, Classic, Smart.

Business Info
  • 209 Wythe Ave #106 Brooklyn, NY 11211 United States
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Winemaker & Owners
  • Winemaker :
    Alie Shaper
  • Owners :
    Alie Shaper
  • Established Date :
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Business Info
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