<p>The vineyard was first started in 2002 with our initial planting of Nortons (Cynthiana). Following years saw the addition of more Norton, St. Vincent, Seyval, Chambourcin, Fredonia, Leon Millot, Vignoles and Melody vines. The vineyard now covers approximately 8 acres in Eudora, Kansas, located in the Northeastern corner of the State, 4 miles east of Lawrence. Our Tasting Room opened in May 2008, and we look forward to sharing our wines with you.<br />
Our Label</p>
<p>We feel very fortunate to have received the permission of Native American Artist, Brent Learned (Arapaho given name - Haa-Naa-Jaa-Ne-Doa), to use one of his original paintings for our label. Brent is an impressionist painter from Oklahoma whose art reveals the life and culture of the plains Indians in brilliant and inspiring colors. We encourage you to visit Brent's website at <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a&gt; to see more of his incredible work.</p>

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  • 1969 North 1250 Road 66025 KS United States
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