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Available Only for Priority Wine Pass members and their guests! Oakville Trek Tasting & Food Pairing $300 per couple (includes tasting, tour, food pairing, and two signed bottles by Master Winemaker)

<p>Creatively interpreted wines inspired by old-world blending traditions and crafted for the modern wine drinker. Their multi-varietal, multi-vineyard blending philosophy offers a unique perspective on wines with complexity, balance and layers of flavor.</p>
<p>Envision a winery that bends the traditional rules of Napa Valley winemaking by harvesting grapes from not one, but dozens of high-quality terroirs. A winery that maintains the favored French ritualistic heritage known as assemblage; a process where Chateaux’s make their "gran vin" by selecting and blending only the best lots with an equal emphasis on creativity, depth and personal care.</p>

Business Info
  • 703 Oakville Cross Road 94562 CA United States
Winey Features
Varietals & regions
Winemaker & Owners
  • Winemaker :
    Kirk Venge, Derek Taylor
  • Owners :
    Jim Borsack, Duffy Keys
  • Established Date :
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