<p>WINE MAN is a family owned winemaking company established by Alexandre Jorjadze in 1998. The company continues the legacy of the centuries old family traditions that the Jorjadzes are famous for.<br />
Since the day of establishment the company produces premium quality Georgian classical wines. Nowadays WINE MAN produces 15 different wines of Kakheti and Racha vinicultural regions.<br />
Since 2000 the company exports wines to Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Belorussia, China, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan and the USA.<br />
A prize for “The Best Exporter of Georgia” in 2004 is the evidence of a successful activity of the company</p>

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  • v. Tsinandali Telavi Georgia
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Business Info
  • v. Tsinandali Telavi Georgia
Varietals & regions