It has a tradition of grape growing and wine production for more than 100 years, and is located in a picturesque part of Iriga, under the Orthodox Church, not far from the small town. The winery owns 10 hectares of vineyards are located on the southern slopes of Fruska Gora region of Srem, Fruškogorskog vineyards at an altitude of 230 meters, where the mean annual temperature of 11 ° C and the mean temperature during the growing season vineyard is 17 ° C. In 2001., We completed construction of a new winery incorporating the modern wine accessories and you can apply the postulates of modern technology. In in 2001. Were produced 10,000 bottles of wine, a 2009. Produced 350,000 bottles, and started the production of sparkling wine using the traditional method . It was created as a result of the work Wineries Kovacevic to their fans and fans the opportunity to adequately complement the hedonistic assembly of Vojvodina cuisine and wines from our wine cellar, with a pleasant atmosphere and natural surroundings in peace and isolation from the crowd.

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  • Đoke Šundukovića 85 22406 Irig Serbia
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Business Info
  • Đoke Šundukovića 85 22406 Irig Serbia
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