Vance Vineyard and Winery is a small, but growing, family-owned business since 2006. 
With eight acres now under cultivation, the vineyards are a visual delight.

The beautiful clusters of Norton, Catawba, Chardonnay, Chardonel, Vignoles, Traminette,Chambourcin, and Riesling grapes will make your mouth water.

Missouri’s Madison County saw an influx of German immigrants in the early1800’s who were searching for a homeland that reminded them of their beloved “Old Country”. 

The rolling hills and clean rivers beckoned to them and they cleared the land of trees, stumps and rocks and planted their crops. They built their homes and outbuildings in the German style. 
Frederick Schulte came to Madison County at age six with his widowed mother from the Kingdom of Prussia, Germany. 

His farm was located on what is now officially County Road 212, but is still locally known as Schulte Lane. In the 1800’s he constructed a three-story concrete silo which has been converted to an actual working clock, complete with an assortment of chimes that has become the centerpiece of the landscaping. A “must see” Missouri attraction. 

The “Old Schulte Farm” on Schulte Lane is now home to Vance Vineyard and Winery.
All the tasting room construction is done in the German architectural style, as well as the entry towers and the plantings.

Winery Features
Business Info
  • 1522 Madison 212
    Fredericktown, MO 63645
    United States

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Winemaker & Owners
  • Winemaker :
    Roy Paris
  • Owners :
    Robin Vance
  • Established Date :
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Business Info
  • 1522 Madison 212
    Fredericktown, MO 63645
    United States

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