<p>The "<strong>Sode di Sant'Angelo</strong>" estate is located in the hilly area of Montebamboli, in the heart of the Tuscan region of Maremma, in an area between the picturesque coast of Tuscany and the heights of the metalliferous hills.<br />
The property covers 40 hectares in the Maremma DOC <em>(Controlled Designation of Origin)</em> region.</p>
<p>It is in this <strong>TUSCAN ELDORADO</strong>, particularly rich in silica, clay and minerals, that the highest quality wines are produced; these wines are characterised by intense aromas and pleasant scents.</p>
<p>The constant presence of sea breezes, combined with the lack of spring rainfall, foster the perfect ripeness of the grapes, giving our wines an unmistakable qualitative note.<br />
Le Sode di Sant'Angelo is a perfect blend of history and modernity, tradition and innovation, humanity and nature.</p>
<p><strong>SASSI DAUTORE</strong> Sangiovese is born from the perfect harmony between soil, climate and sea breezes.<br />
It is produced from grapes which are carefully selected from the vineyard, consisting of 85% Sangiovese and 15% red grapes brought to perfect ripeness thanks to the highly mineral-rich soils and the constant influence of the sea.</p>
<p>Vermentino <strong>LE GESSAIE</strong> born in an enchanted land where sea and sun seem to sing an ode to nature in its most mature and wise form; it is unique in its finesse, combined with a great aromatic bouquet.An elegant wine with clear hints of peach and tropical fruit to satisfy the nose, and an intense and enveloping flavour to delight the palate.</p>
<p><strong>Dautore  IGT TOSCANA ROSSO</strong></p>
<p>Dautore is a wine made from carefully selected grapes in the vineyard consist of Sangiovese , Merlot and Alicante whose composition vary from year to year, always choosing those that provide the highest expression of quality on the season.</p>
<p>At an organoleptic level this wine has a very intense ruby red colour and a fruity aroma, hints of a wide variety of black fruits, in particular blackberry and blueberry, a friendly and pleasant sensation of vanilla as well. In the glass its strong aromatic component evolves towards tobacco, chocolate and coffee into a complex and lingering extremely pleasant taste.</p>

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  • Località Montebamboli 58024 GR Italy
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  • Owners :
    Luca Purgatorio
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Business Info
  • Località Montebamboli 58024 GR Italy
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