<p>The Point Winery is owned and operated by Mike and Suzan Miller.  Mike and Suzan love wine and have a passion for making wine!  <br />
    Mike has enjoyed a career of engineering and has many hobbies, wine making being one of those.  When visiting with Mike about The Point Winery, his enthusiasm is contagious!<br />
    Suzan is a retired school teacher.  She stays busy with the operations of Point Remove Lodge,  She coordinates the events of The Point Winery and Point Remove Lodge.  <br />
    Bill McCord, our chemist, works in the laboratory creating new flavors of wine, while perfecting existing wines.  Bill has a zeal for making wine!<br />
    By the joint efforts of Mike and Bill, The Point Winery has created a fantastic tasting wine that is unique to The Point Winery.  Ark-Riesling is a blend of grapes native to Arkansas, and has a sweet, smooth taste that is perfect for any occasion. Look for Ark-Riesling in our gift shop.<br />
    We look forward to meeting you at The Point Winery!</p>

Business Info
  • 36 Hunt Club Ln 72063 AR United States
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Winemaker & Owners
  • Winemaker :
    Mike Miller, Suzan Miller, Bill McCord
  • Owners :
    Mike Miller, Suzan Miller
  • Established Date :
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Business Info
  • 36 Hunt Club Ln 72063 AR United States
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