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<p>Their small vineyard is located on a beautiful northeast-facing hillside near the sleepy town of Exeter in the Tamar Valley. Established in 1997, Moores Hill is an ideal location to plant grapes. The site is at 120m above sea level and is part of a ridge system that rings the valley floor below giving the site good aspect, elevation and drainage. As the crow flies we are 5 km from the Tamar River and 30 km from Bass Strait making them one of the coolest sites on the West Tamar - ideal for the slow and gentle ripening of their precious grapes.</p>
<p>Tasmania possesses some of Australia’s true cool to cold climate wine regions. Moore's Hill, situated in the West Tamar region produces wines that reflect our unique climate. Their winters are cold summers mild and their site experiences approximately 1150 heat degree days and around 700mm annual rainfall.</p>
<p>The original vines were first planted in 1997 and today they have 7ha under vine of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Riesling and a very small amount of Cabernet and Merlot.</p>
<p>Their aim is to make wines of distinction and quality reflecting the unique terroir of their site. They make no compromises to quality both in the vineyard and in the winemaking process. </p>
<p>Their signature wine is their Riesling which has won numerous accolades over several years. In recent times, their Pinot Noir has started to collect awards and high scores. But across their range- from elegant Sparkling to cheeky Rose and Sweet Riesling, their wines rank highly on what matters most: all-round drinkability. </p>
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  • 3343 West Tamar Hwy, TAS
    Sidmouth TAS 7270

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  • Winemaker :
    Julian Allport
  • Owners :
    Fiona Weller, Julian Allport
  • Established Date :
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