Our love affair with wine began in the late 90’s. We could not get enough of the wine tasting experience in our native Sonoma County. Before we knew it Alyse was working for a small start up winery owned by Korbel. This afforded us insight and access to the production side of the wine world and before long we were cultivating our own ideas for a start up winery. One of the defining features of this industry is the willingness of everyone to share their knowledge. We are very appreciative of those accomplished individuals that helped us along the way.

Our dream soon led us to the foothills and the former gold rush town of Bangor. This is the second time Tod has lived in Bangor. The first time was Submarine Base Bangor, Washington. The oak studded foothills and terroir reminded us of the eastern side of Sonoma County. Affordable land and a favorable business and regulatory climate completed the package, making Bangor California our new home.

We started developing the winery property in January 2002. The first acre of zinfandel was planted in the spring of 2005. We officially opened the winery doors to the public on Mother’s Day 2011. We personally do all aspects of the wine production and management with much needed and appreciated help from our children, family, and awesome wine club.

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  • 77 Orange Ave 95914 CA United States
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  • Winemaker :
    Tod Hickman, Alyse Hickman
  • Owners :
    Tod Hickman, Alyse Hickman
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Business Info
  • 77 Orange Ave 95914 CA United States
Varietals & regions