<p>The origin of the Château Tourril comes from an ancient gallo-roman signal tower located on the top of the vineyard, in a gem of garrigue where we can dream for a moment.</p>
<p>The estate was bought in 1998 by two friends who are wine passionates, Mister Kandler, a former Airbus’ executive, and Mister Espeluque, owner of a building construction company.</p>
<p>Nested in a clay-limestone corrie, well sun-filled and drained by the rain, the vines are preserved by high winds and frost. <br />
A perfect command from the production to the bottling, a reasoned culture of the vines, and a modern winemaaking allow our grapes to give birth to authentic and quality wines : rich and concentrated reds, a light and fresh rosé, a white with a unique taste.</p>
<p>Our winemaker pampers this small vineyard with the help of our oenologist. <br />
The winery is made with modern and sophisticated tools : stainless steel tanks, equiped wtih an autocontrol of temperature and adapted to the winemaking of the different grapes from our best parcels of land.</p>
<p>Our wines are regularly quoted in the Guide Hachette, Guide Dissert Gerbier, and also awarded in several shows : Lyon, Bruxelles, Canada…<br />
Along the years we ensure and try to improve the quality of our wines, the owners are very proud of their vineyard.<br />
The Château Tourril welcomes its visitors in its cellar and its meeting room decorated with contemporary paintings and sculptures. Feel free to visit us to discover all these marvels.</p>

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  • Chemin des Matelles Roubia 11200 France
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  • Winemaker :
    Jacques Trannoy
  • Owners :
    Ortwin Kandler, Philippe Espeluque
  • Established Date :
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Business Info
  • Chemin des Matelles Roubia 11200 France
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