Ceago Vinegarden is classified as a premium boutique winery with annual case production of 6,000. Their world class wines are made exclusively from top quality estate grown Biodynamic grapes and it's estate include "Ceago Del Lago", 163 acres farm on the northern shore of Clear Lake in Lake County. Aside from grapes, the estate produces delicious mouth-watering vegetables, fruits, herbs, kiwis, olives, walnuts, figs, and fragrant lavender.

They believe that the first and foremost step in making great wine is growing top-quality grapes without cutting corners. Ceago concentrates on sound farming practices using Biodynamic and organic methods which balance the needs of the grape with the capability of the land to produce distinctive, high quality fruit.  The character of the grapes and the taste of our wines must be experienced to be understood and appreciated. They feel that their world class wines are a living testament to their strict but ultimately important farming standards.

"Ceago" is derived from a Pomo Indian word (spoken "Shee-ye-ho") that meant "grass-seed valley".  Like the Native Americans who were here before us, we believe that people must interact with the land in an essential, nurturing fashion, to assure long-term quality and prosperity.

At Ceago, their mission is to craft small lots of wine from estate grown organic and biodynamic grapes using the best of Old and New World winemaking techniques.

Business Info
  • 5115 East Hwy 20 Nice, CA 95464 United States
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Winemaker & Owners
  • Winemaker :
    Barney Fetzer
  • Owners :
    Jim Fetzer
  • Established Date :
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Business Info
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