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Hopland is in Southern Mendocino County, about 15 miles north of the Sonoma-Mendocino County line. It is an agricultural area with wine grapes the main crop. The town has a number of antique shops, restaurants, tasting rooms and one historic hotel. Hopland is about a 45 minute drive from Santa Rosa, CA on Highway 101, making it ideal for weekend getaways. The Zmarzly Family Vineyards are in the hills 4 miles west of the town of Hopland, on a small county road. The high elevation (1250 to 1600 feet) offers a chance to see 25 mile views of the hills, valleys and nearby mountain ranges. The views are thrilling, especially the one from the knoll, a tree-studded hill within the vineyard. Mendocino County is rural, sparsely populated, with spectacular views and very little traffic. Most of the wineries in Mendocino County are located along one of two corridors. Route 128 goes through Yorkville and Anderson Valley on its way to the Pacific Coast. Highway 101 traces north-to-south, with many wineries located from Hopland to Redwood Valley, just north of Ukiah.
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  • 4601 County Road 110 95449 CA United States
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Business Info
  • 4601 County Road 110 95449 CA United States
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