<p>Wilma and Herm have raised 5 sons and have spent more than 20 years developing a deep appreciation for fresh fruit and benchmark marketing skills. Their tree ripened fresh produce is the key to the success of the fruit wines they produce.</p>
<p>Wilma, born in Germany, comes from a long heritage of vintners from the Rhine River Valley. Fredrich Anton Sommer, a well known shopkeeper and winemaker, instilled a lasting respect for quality wines with a rich bouquet and fruity finish.</p>
<p>Herman, a 4th generation fruit farmer, has been growing more than 20 varieties of apples, cherries, peaches, plums and pears nearly all his life. He started experimenting with fruit wines in the last decade. From the first year onward he has been awarded gold and bronze medals in the New York State Fair home wine competitions. Since then experiments with increased batch sizes, apple varieties, fruit blends and grape wine with fruit infusions led to the decision of operating a Farm Winery.</p>
<p>Young Sommer Winemaker Jan Klapetzky has more than 3 decades of experience in producing quality wines with more than 30 gold medals in both regional and national competitions. Jan excels at hand crafting wines in small batches that satisfy the demands of the small boutique style wine setting you’ll find at Young Sommer Winery.</p>
<p>Please stop by and join us in tasting our award winning wines. We know that you find our wines full of charm and character and it will be easy to see why when asked if they would like a second glass of Young Sommer Wines every one replies “Y S".</p>

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  • 4287 Jersey Rd
    Williamson, NY 14589
    United States

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  • Winemaker :
    Jan Klapetzky
  • Owners :
    Herman Young, Wilma Young
  • Established Date :
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  • 4287 Jersey Rd
    Williamson, NY 14589
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