After many years in the high-tech industry we never dreamed we would take our passion for wine to create William Church Winery. But start it we did in 2005 when we decided to take our garage based winemaking efforts to a higher level. Seattle natives (and WSU Cougars) we started to look into where to establish a winery and were happy to find a booming wine industry practically in our backyard in Woodinville. One of the original eight “warehouse” wineries, we joined a small group of passionate winemakers and began our journey! We were founded on the idea that fine wine can fit into the fabric of life and be a part of creating lasting shared memories which really came from the impression made on us during our honeymoon in Italy where life and wine seemed intertwined in such a simple and meaningful way. Nothing makes us happier than to hear the stories of those who have enjoyed our wines in so many different settings. We focus on traditional old world style winemaking with limited use of new oak that makes the wines approachable at release with the acidity to pair well with food. We start with grapes that are hand harvested and transported to Woodinville in refrigerated trucks. Gentle winemaking techniques are used throughout the process that includes punchdowns by hand during fermentation. We do not filter our red wines but often use traditional fining techniques. Our goal is to create rich, balanced wines with intense varietal character that reflect the origins of the vineyard. We use a combination of established vineyards along with some up and coming newcomers.

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  • 19495 144th Ave NE Suite A100 98072 WA United States
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Business Info
  • 19495 144th Ave NE Suite A100 98072 WA United States
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