In 1989, we purchased the orchard and began to learn how to cultivate fruit. Local apple growers and extension agents taught us the basics and contributed to our early success. Our first product, in fact our entire business, started as a result of an abundant apple crop that lead us to experiment with Hard Cider. We were soon hooked and we applied for and received our farm winery license and cider producer license in 1993. Our doors opened to the public in the fall of 1994. In the early days, we had three wines and one cider all of which were a bit unrefined to be completely honest. Our inexperience was as evident as our enthusiasm and we persevered to create higher quality wines and cider. Every vintage improved as we honed our skills and continued to learn the art and science of wine and cider making. Eventually, hard work paid off, leading us to the development of our critically acclaimed Doc’s Draft Hard Apple Cider. The success of our Doc’s Draft Hard cider is due to our insistence in using the finest fruit available. The passion for creating wines and ciders soon evolved into an idea to begin distilling and open the first Distillery in the Hudson Valley since prohibition. It was our belief that the fruits grown from the fertile Hudson Valley could be made into the highest quality fruit brandies and liqueurs. In 2001, we applied for and received a grant to develop New York’s first fruit micro-distillery. Using the same principle that had brought success to the wine and cider, we created a line of Fruit Brandies and Liqueurs, American Fruits. Starting with the finest natural ingredients is the only way to achieve great quality in the finished products. It is this guiding principle that results in products that are reminiscent of the fruits from which they are made. American Fruits brandies and liqueurs are made to capture and preserve the essence of the fruit at its peak ripeness. Our mission since our inception has been to create fruit based alcoholic beverages that are as unique as the fruits themselves. We encourage you to visit and share in our adventures.

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  • 114 Little York Rd Warwick, NY 10990 United States
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  • Winemaker :
    Jason Grizzanti
  • Owners :
    Jason Grizzanti, Joseph Grizzanti, Jeremy Kidde
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