<p>In 1883 John Crellin planted the first vineyards into a red clay knoll and called it “Ruby Hill”. By 1889, Ruby Hill Winery was one of the largest producers of wine in the Livermore Valley. John passed away in 1921 and the property went through a number of owners, Prohibition, and fire that nearly destroyed it all.</p>
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<p>Protected by the Friends of the Vineyards since the 1980s, Ruby Hill Winery was resurrected by Mike Callahan in 2002 and our tasting room was opened in 2008. Joined by award-winning winemaker Chris Graves, Ruby Hill Winery continues to make history.</p>

Business Info
  • 446 Vineyard Ave 94566 CA United States
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Winemaker & Owners
  • Winemaker :
    Chris Graves
  • Owners :
    Mike Callahan, Michael Lloyd, Sara Wood
  • Established Date :
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Business Info
  • 446 Vineyard Ave 94566 CA United States
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