<p>Childers is part of the North Burnett, the newest wine-producing area in Queensland and we are excited to be at the forefront of this new industry. Terry's interest in wine comes from a proud Sicilian heritage. His maternal grandparents, Umberto and Maria Gelsomino were migrants to the Isis district from the Catania region of Sicily in the early 1900's. Food, cooking and the enjoyment of wine as a natural accompaniment to food and family occasions have been part and parcel of family tradition. While we were initially growing several grape varieties, a severe hail storm in November 2005 and a tornado in December 2006 changed all that. These storms destroyed the crop and caused major damage to the vines. As a result, we had to make the tough business decision to stop growing grapes (for the time being at least.) We continue to purchase as many varieties as possible from within our own area – Gin Gin, Booyal and Mt Perry and supplement supply with parcels from the South Burnett and Stanthorpe regions. All our wines are produced here on site at the winery, from crushing through to fermenting , racking, filtering, aging, bottling, labelling ... this means we have total control over our product and know exactly what goes into it and, just as importantly, what does not!</p>

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  • 8 Mango Hill Drive Childers QLD 4660 Australia
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  • Winemaker :
    Terrance Byrne, Mary Byrne
  • Owners :
    Mary Byrne, Terrance Byrne
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Business Info
  • 8 Mango Hill Drive Childers QLD 4660 Australia
Varietals & regions