The only real way to talk about our wines is you the reader actually tasting it. 
All I can say, my motto is: d
" I make wine to drink not to sell "
I can also say that in a short period of our existence we have been awarded National and International recognition, including from Decanter.
I believe the best recognition to date is being recognised by your peers. In a recent symposium presentation ( by BGWA ) of soil type and sub region, as a reference of what comes out of Lyndoch our wines were chosen as an example. 
It's impossible to write all that makes God's Hill Wines. But in short; 
My technique is simple, after fermentation our wine goes into 3-4 yr old oak barrels with only 20% new barrels ( 1/2 French oak & 1/2 American oak) maturing for approx. 24 month. during that period we rack and return 4 times for a natural filtration and a blend of all barrels. so no machine filtration, natural filtration, no additives (except sulphur to stop any oxidation) twelve month ageing in bottle before releasing to sale ( mainly reds only). 
If you looking for that genuine wine that normally only few can afford .
God's Hill offers affordable world class wines. 
Charlie Scalzi owner/ winemaker 

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  • Lot 211 Gods Hill Rd 5351 SA Australia
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  • Winemaker :
    Charlie Scalzi
  • Owners :
    Scalzi Estate Wines
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Business Info
  • Lot 211 Gods Hill Rd 5351 SA Australia
Varietals & regions