The Way of St. Gilles in Compostela

The history of Mas Neuf is closely linked to its prime location
along the lines of ancient traffic passing near vineyards.

From the 18th century, the Way of St. Gilles in Compostela passes 100 meters south of a medieval ruin, which naturally leads to the property owner found a post house, to house men and horses for a few hours or for the night.

These lands have excellent exposure, and vines for centuries already occupies a privileged place around the noble building. It was during plowing into said Clos Saint Sebastian a farmer discovers some Roman coins of the first inhabitants of Nemausus the VOLCEARECOMIQUES plot. This piece carries the first four letters of their name: VOLC.

Archaeological Museum of Nîmes
Today, you can admire the archaeological museum of Nimes. In attachment to this region of Nimes and its rich history sign, this coin is on the vintage limited edition of the domain.

The reputation of the coaching and the quality of its hospitality extends gradually, and the main body of the building is enriched late 18th century a chapel that will be converted into cellars lightning in the mid 19th century.

This is a frequent host of the walls, the Lord Francis Posquières that will create with other illustrious winemakers the first regional bacchanalian brotherhood, gathering what was to become the finest craftsmen of winemakers Wine tasting.

One of the famous owners of the beginning of the century, Lord Meffre, will cause qualitative pulse of this vineyard. He implants spectacular lightning in the old chapel. By choosing quality grape varieties, and a visionary perspective agronomic techniques implantation, it marks the domain of this perfectionism that will never leave the minds of its walls.

Since 2000, Luc Baudet and his team chose to magnify the potential of this exceptional vineyard working on all the key points that make a great wine: the wine first, and the extreme care in the cellar

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  • 30600 Gallician France
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  • Winemaker :
    Luc Baudet
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    Lord Meffre
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