<p>Bear Cave Cellars is the creation of Barry Kinman and Marilyn Curry who, in their other lives, are husband and wife as well as partners in the law firm, Kinman & Curry.<br />
In a unique melding of two distinctly different businesses, the law office is also a legal tasting room of Bear Cave Cellars. Whether you want legal advice or to try our wine, call our offices.<br />
Barry has been making wine since 1991. While living in Sonoma county he had access to top quality fruit from winery clients of the law office, including Kunde Vineyards. In the early 1990's getting top quality fruit in Napa and Sonoma was not as difficult as it is today. Focusing on Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel, Barry had the opportunity to work with top quality fruit in what may  be the greatest decade of California grape growing - the 1990's. Barry produced excellent wines from Napa in 1994, Sonoma in 1997 and the Sierra foothills in 2000.<br />
Combining Barry's extensive hands-on experience with the outstanding fruit available from Paso Robles he is developing his own style of wine that he calls "Paso Extreme!"<br />
None of the wines are over-oaked and all of the wines have a fruit forward emphasis. Most people would be surprised to know how difficult it is for winemakers to keep things simple. Barry's goal throughout the process is simplicity.<br />
Given their background, many people ask, "Are you really winemakers?" Our answer is always the same, "If we're not the winemakers, we'd sure like to meet them, because we are working our asses off producing the finest wines we know how to make!"<br />
"HANDS-ON" This is probably too modest a description of how Barry and Marilyn handle each and every task and detail. From the first moment the grapes are picked to the last moments the wine is poured into your glass for tasting - Barry and Marilyn are there.<br />
More than anything else, we entered into this venture to meet new friends through the production of wine.</p>

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  • 560 10th Street # 101 93446 CA United States
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  • Winemaker :
    Barry Kinman
  • Owners :
    Barry Kinman, Marilyn Curry
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