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When it comes to making great wine, history tells us that it’s all about the vineyard. Their noblest of all quests is to uncover the purest expression of our vineyards and this piece of earth – a story told through their wines. Situated in the western Mayacamas foothills of the Sonoma Valley, 20 acres of our 100-acre ranch are planted in vines. Planted on varied faces and slopes, with various soil profiles, they have 6 different root stocks and 17 different clones, 6 of which are Cabernet Sauvignon. Red volcanic ash makes up the majority of the rocky, thin soil profile and imparts the sought-after, mineral-driven component to our wines. Their in-house Vineyard Manager, Enrique Castillo implements sustainable farming practices throughout. Focusing our efforts on creating healthy, balanced vines, they farm almost entirely by hand throughout the year from pruning, to thinning, to harvest. They spur and cane prune each spring with a focus on low yields. Harvest often spans over the course of 6-8 weeks, allowing plenty of time for multiple passes and picking by individual blocks and rows based on ripening. Brion spends harvest at the estate, walking the vineyards with Enrique and both Massimo and Mark nearly every day to ensure that each variety is picked at optimal ripeness and flavor. Once harvested, the wines are made in individual micro-lots. Sustainability is a lifestyle, not a buzz word. Although not certified organic, they farm sustainably and organically for the production of better wine and retaining responsible stewardship of the land. Within their 100-acres they foster a native ecosystem with oak, mazanita and madrones that provide ample room and cover for all sorts of wildlife including insects, owls, falcons, hawks, wild turkey, fox, coyotes, raccoon, deer and bobcats. Among the vines they plant cover-crops of fesque, pea, alfalfa, mustard, California poppies, and other flowering and seed grasses.
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  • 9077 Sonoma Highway 95452 CA United States
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Business Info
  • 9077 Sonoma Highway 95452 CA United States
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