Superb wines are handcrafted in this small winery nestled in the rolling hills in the enchanted Yakut Estate Vineyards. The vineyard is located in the prestigious Temecula Valley wine country, approximately twenty miles from the Pacific Coast and situated at an elevation of 1400 feet above sea level.

Temecula is historically an Indian village the name of which means "the sun filtering through the mist". This typifies the valley's microclimate. Its hot sunny days moderated by the cool ocean breezes that flow daily through the Rainbow Gap and the the cool chilly nights provide the best climatic combination for grapevines to produce optimum wine grapes.

The twenty five acre estate vineyard is farmed by the Yakut family. It was developed forty years ago by land developers to demonstrate the area's wine grape growing capability to potential land purchasers. The Yakut Estate Vineyards are now famous for the quality of their grapes, wines and brandies.

Old-vine Sauvignon Blanc
Old-vine Cabernet Sauvignon
Old-vine White Cabernet Sauvignon
OId-vine Johannisberg Riesling (Currently sold-out)
Solera style Sherry
Portobello ( Grenache port)
Stingaree Pastis, White Pastis, Grappa and Brandy.

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  • 39820 Calle Contento
    Temecula, CA 92591
    United States

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  • Owners :
    Alex Yakut, Lise Yakut
  • Established Date :
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Business Info
  • 39820 Calle Contento
    Temecula, CA 92591
    United States

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