<p>Windswept Winery's Goal is to create a boutique, artisan crafted wine, in a delightful style that would appeal to the novice and to more experienced connosueir alike.</p>
<p>We offer free tasting, so that you can try the fine wines, and go home with more than just a pretty bottle. And there is only one rule to wine drinking here: Drink what you like!</p>
<p>Our grapes are grown here, nurtured by hand the old-world way, and then hand picked to assure the ultimate quality as they go in the crush. Premium quality French hybrid grapes, grown in the Storey's Vineyard are the backbone of our production. We control the fruit so we </p>
<p>Windswept Winery boasts a beautiful events and conference room, the Panache room, a lovely patio areas that serves mixed drinks, wine and beer, and a catering kitchen. We would love to host your event scheduli:anniversaries, weddings, corporate offsites, Christmas Parties, Rehearsal dinners...if you are looking for a place of "quiet elegance" Windswept Winery has it all.</p>
<p>Windswept Winery strives to honor God in all our dealings.</p>

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  • 1227 92nd RD 67146 KS United States
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