What happens when you take some guys, their families, and a deep dedication to the craft of winemaking? Well, first you get a terrible mess. Then you get good wine. Finally, you get the breakthrough: wine as experience. A lifestyle. A community-based product simply because so many hands went into supporting it.

Like a printing press or a local farm, our winery is about a place; a people; a way. A wine crush takes a village, and we believe we have a damn good village.

We make wine in Oakland California, with grapes from Sonoma, Napa, and the Central Coast. We have deep relationships with our growers (some of the best in California). They grow grapes in the same way we make wine – with their hands. People ask "where are your vineyards?" Simple answer – we don't own any vineyards, which enables us to keep our eye on the wine. When we find a vineyard with exceptional fruit - we pounce on it. We're good at making wine, which makes its way to our Oakland winery an hour after we manage the pick. We're urban, but not in a "we're urban" way.

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  • 477 25th St. 94612 CA United States
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    Tom knight, Adam Love
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Business Info
  • 477 25th St. 94612 CA United States
Varietals & regions