<p>Don and Susie South, along with family and friends, started planting grapes in 2000. Susie having a horticulture background and Don having an entrepreneur spirit planted over 500 the first year. More would follow. After waiting 3 years for a mature wine grape crop, the wine was pretty good, and friends thought they should continue their combined passion, so in 2004 they applied and received the license for Strawbale Winery. The production building is straw-compacted-panels, built in 2005. The tasting room and gift shop is made from straw bales and was built in 2006. The counter tops are black slate chalkboard, recycled from an area high school. The timber framing is oak pegged and flooring is white pine that blew down in a windstorm in northern Minnesota. Strawbale Winery has over 20 different wines that are produced from grapes and a variety of other fruits from Black Currants to Strawberries. Don is the winemaker, and always has a new one for you to try. A tasting during regular business hours is $5.00 for 5-6 different wines, and you keep the souvenir glass. Please, come and see us.</p>

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  • 47215 257th St Renner, SD 57055 United States
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  • Owners :
    Don South, Susie South
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Business Info
  • 47215 257th St Renner, SD 57055 United States
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