<p>Ltd Shalvino was founded in 2008. The main activity of Ltd Shalvino is the production and realization of alcohol beverages.<br />
Ltd Shalvino possesses the winery and vineyards in the village Kardenakhi, Gurjaani Region, Georgia. The winery is equipped with newest machine-installation of Italian origin. Vineyards are planted in the specific zone - Kardenakhi, on where the “Rkatsiteli” and “Saperavi”, also “Khikhvi”, “Qisi” and “Aladasturi” vineyards belonging to Ltd Shalvino are planted.<br />
Ltd Shalvino produces the following types of wines:<br />
Kakhetian type: “Shalvino” dry, white; “Shalvino” qvevri, dry, white; “Shalvino-Red” dry, red; “Shalvino-Red” from the wood, dry, red.<br />
European type: “Shalvino-White” dry, white; “Shalvino-White” from the wood, dry, white; “Shalvino-Rose-colored” sweet, rose-colored.</p>

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  • 1-10 Bakhtrioni Str Tbilisi 0160 Georgia
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