<p>One of the most challenging things to do in a business is to create a well-thought story, something that expresses who and what you are. Rather than create a story I would like to tell you the simple truth.</p>
<p>So here it goes . . .</p>
<p>I stumbled into the wine industry through a web page, having always appreciated it. But our journey really started with two words – “I’m pregnant.”</p>
<p>At the time we already had our 2-year-old son. A small house in the city wouldn’t suit our new family of four, so we searched around and found a modest five acres just outside of Battle Ground.  It was definitely a fixer upper with potential – with a wonderful southern slope overlooking the valley.</p>
<p>Fast forward a few years, and we have two kids, five acres, and a small winery project we call the Rusty Grape Vineyard. We thought of many different names for our winery, but found this one to be unique.</p>
<p>While learning how to craft a good wine and maintain a vineyard, we fell in love with the wine industry - from crushing to cleaning barrels.</p>
<p>Rusty Grape has grown over the last six years from a quaint tasting room to several expansive patios for events and weddings, an Old Wood Fired Pizza Kitchen, and a hub activity for a number of annual festivals and events.</p>
<p>We never turn down a good conversation with a wine expert or a novice taster. So, if you love a nice glass of wine, come see us. We love to hear your stories and make memories over a good bottle of wine.</p>
<p>Drink, Enjoy, and Share Wine.</p>

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  • 16712 NE 219th St
    Battle Ground, WA 98604
    United States

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  • Owners :
    Jeremy Brown
  • Established Date :
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    Battle Ground, WA 98604
    United States

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