Kimberly Smith is driven. She puts all her passion and drive into her wines. She is business educated. Kimberly has been a foodie and wine lover all her life. She has raised 5 children and been a partner to her husband in marriage and business. 

In 2006 she decided to go back to college again and take course to answer her question concerning her love of Pinot Nior and why she spent $50 a bottle on what she loves. 

The classes she took lead her to a very important night. That evening she went to an after hour meet and greet with a speaker Wes Hagen. She knew right away that she needed him to teach her the hands on part of making Pinot Nior. She introduce herself and asked if he would mentor her.. he said yes. 8am she was in the winery the next morning. 

Her first vintage went into barrel in 2010. Clos Pepe Vineyard..single designate vineyard. Small as it was. Is a great vintage. Her patience is to keep her wine in barrel till the wine sings. Vintage's are in barrel for 18 months. Takes her 2 years to get a new vintage out. Her vintages have grown production each year. Her love, desire to produce single vineyard designate Pinot Nior in small lots has grown too. She produces Pinot Nior from Sta. Rita Hills. 

Her 2010 vintage went on to win Gold in the Pinot ShootOut a Blind tasting of Pinot Noirs from all over the world. LaMontagne Winery was listed in the WSJ on 4/16/13. She has won Gold again in the PinotShoot Out with her 2011 vintage and will be hoping for Gold with her current 2012 vintage that she just released. 

She also produces a Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Rose' and a Tempranillo. 


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  • 1509 E. Chestnut Ave Lompoc, CA 93436 United States
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    Kimberly Smith
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    Kimberly Smith
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