Project Sustainability



With the burgeoning industry that comes with "going green", Chateau aux Arc began our "Project Sustainability" in 2009. 

Our goal:

"To become a sustainable farm and cut the carbon footprint of our business."



While other parts of the country have been working on these issues for years, Arkansas is just now seeing improved efforts to help businesses and people become more aware of what is happening environmentally.



What are we doing to realise our goal?

With the introduction of our recycling program, in conjunction with Clarksville Recycle works, we hope to become an industry leader in the defense of our environment.

We have implemented the use of sustainable products, and hope to be able to provide Arkansas with a diverse choice of products through our tasting room.

We hope to inspire you and others to join the environmental game: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

We welcome your participation and suggestions in our fight for the environment.

Here's what we are doing so far...


  • Brochures are printed on 100% Post-Consumer Recycled materials
  • We use a wood burning stove in our barn
  • We collect all water runoff from our tasting room & grounds to be used in our vineyards
  • All printed materials at Chateau aux Arc are printed on 100% Post-Consumer Recycled materials
  • We use timers on our central heat and air to reduce use when employees are not present
  • We recycle all of our cardboard waste into our compost piles that we in turn use on the vineyard
  • We recycle all of our plastic, paper, metals, and waste
  • We don't allow the use of plastic cups at events/weddings held at Chateau aux Arc 
  • We use all eco-friendly cleaners
  • We use e-office communications
  • We are currently working on a way to recycle our glass, however, problems with crushing up this material is an issue. 
  • Our wines are packaged with re-useable, re-cycleable, & renewable materials
  • We are currently trying to create a way to recycle all of our vineyard clippings into a recycled home decor product and mulching


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  • 8045 Hwy 186
    Altus, AR 72821
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  • 8045 Hwy 186
    Altus, AR 72821
    United States

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